1. A long time ago…

    I have a new design up for scoring on threadless. Throw me a vote if you can! I’ve had this idea in my head for almost a year now, it would be great to see it printed.

  2. My first report card - 1993

    I recently surfaced my first ever report card. I couldn’t believe they even did report cards for 5 year olds, let alone the level of accuracy and criticism in this one! I especially like the psychedelic graphics on the front, designed to prevent kids reading them though bright lights.

    Timothy has completed his Junior Infants programme satisfactorily. He has achieved a good standard in maths and reading. He is a very bright boy and achieves beautifully written work. He’s very artistic with a gorgeous sense of colour. Timothy seems to me, to be extremely immature emotionally which results in his wanting to distract others, on a frequent basis. At 5 and three quarters, he should be past this stage. I feel that when he sheds this and becomes more self-disciplined Timothy will be a high-achiever indeed.

    Keeping in mind I am 60 months old, some things here are interesting, ‘achieves beautifully written work’ and ‘very artistic’… who knew I would have found a calling in typography and design? But thank god I became less immature. Fart, poo, monkey bum…

  3. Timline!

    So, Facebook might be on to something, however I am still working out all their UI decisions. It’s honestly quite confusing - I wanted to add a photo to the year 1993 but there seems to be no obvious way to customise anything outside of the information graph that I have been providing Facebook for the last 3 years. That said, it’s still in beta.

  4. Work in progress…

    Working late! I hope to compile a tutorial after completion.

  5. Dressed to the Nines

    Type nerd doodle for threadless.com. Enjoy!